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Baked goods help keep home

Tuesday, July 21, 2009  As reported in The Record ¬— last Friday Angela Logan, a Teaneck actress and single mother of three, resorted to a bake sale to save her home from foreclosure.  Logan’s intended to sell 100 homemade apple cakes at $40 each.

As of Tuesday, Logan had received up to 500 orders, not to mention an order from Hong Kong and could no longer bake in her home.  The Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ has offered Logan a small section of its kitchen, after reading about her financial troubles.  Logan now has access to kitchen at least through this weekend, when the first of three $2,559.94 payments to Bank of America — required as part of the modification of her mortgage — is due.

“I won’t stop baking until people stop ordering,” she said. “It’s been an outpouring of people wanting to help, and I want them to get their cakes. It’ll be awhile, and I’m asking everyone to be patient.”  Logan can now bake 10 cakes at the hotel at a time, as opposed to two at a time at home.